Friday, 30 September 2011

The plc’s people and planet strategy – all about ArBolivia

Over the past year, we have been striving towards reducing the carbon footprint of our parent company red24 plc, by reducing the impacts our company has on the planet. For the emissions we could not eliminate entirely, we opted to offset through ArBolivia, a reforestation project based in the Bolivian Amazon, which benefits both the farmers that conserve the forest and the environment too.

ArBolivia’s tree planting project is complemented by sustainable agricultural management training to enable farmers to secure a livelihood without compromising their environment.
Despite the project's expected potential for carbon absorption, carbon credits have merely been used to help finance ArBolivia's large overhead, while the programme remains focused on improving farmers’ livelihoods and preventing further deforestation.

Commercial plantation forestry in developing countries encourages environmental awareness, helps to preserve biodiversity and improves the livelihoods of the local population. Unlike most other commercial plantations, it uses a wide range of predominantly indigenous tree species and shares the benefits of the timber equally with local farmers.

The farmer supported by the funds from red24’s carbon offsetting programme is planting Calophyllum brasiliense, known locally as Palo-Maria trees or the Alexandrian laurel. The reforested area currently covers 1.28 ha in the Yapacani municipality in the Ichilo province which is in the largest of Bolivia’s departments, Santa Cruz. The GPS coordinates of the forest patch supported by red24 plc are 17°21’48.68”S 63°56’03.87”W.

By focusing on the dual benefits derived by both people and the planet, red24 plc is proud to be associated with the ArBolivia project.

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