Friday, 23 September 2011

Ask the Expert: What is the most eco-friendly way to barbeque?

Many of us will find any excuse to barbeque (BBQ). Whether it’s a glorious day outside or pouring with rain, there is nothing that will stop us from enjoying smoky-flavoured steaks or chargrilled chops. But this national pastime comes with a considerable carbon footprint, so how do we make our fireside feast eco-savvy?

When it comes to a backyard BBQ, nothing beats good old fashioned wood as fuel for the fire. Wood is a renewable, carbon neutral material, because the carbon dioxide released when it burns equals what the tree has captured during its lifetime. The most important thing to do here is track down sustainable-sourced firewood. For a guarantee, look for the logo of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC certification system ensures that the ecological integrity of the forest is maintained.

Before you light up, check with your local council or on this interactive map to see whether you are allowed to have a smoky BBQ. There might be a chance that you live in a smoke-control area and therefore may be denied the pleasure.

Another great option is using waste wood, which you can source through a recycling project such as

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