Thursday, 21 July 2011

What is single most important green issue for young people to learn about and understand?

One of the greatest issues facing young people today is apathy towards making a difference to the environment. Many believe that they can’t instil change by themselves, and so, they do nothing. This problem escalates, until we reach the situation where no one does anything. This makes it an even harder task for those who decide to live more sustainably, or try and right the wrongs of others.

So, one of the most important green issues for the youth to learn about and understand, is that every positive action they undertake for the environment, makes a difference. Because ultimately, if one person makes a change today and someone sees that and follows that person’s lead, the process continues until other environmental crises become more and more manageable, and can even be averted.

Sustainability starts with one person, and grows outwards!

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