Thursday, 7 July 2011

Can contact lenses be recycled?

The short answer is simply no. Contact lenses are made out of a specific kind of breathable plastic that absorbs water and transmits oxygen, helping to keep your eye moist and healthy. There are no places that specifically take and recycle these lenses, although there are a number of interesting home project ideas for what to use them for or make them into. 

The contact lens casing will usually be recyclable, displaying a plastic identification recycling code, and can be added to your other plastic recycling.

Some eye doctors, manufacturers or retailers may take unused contact lenses back to be reused or recycled, but to what degree they are recycled is not known or advertised. The best thing would be to send them back to where they came from, or find a place that you can donate them to, like:

The next best thing to do would be to throw the lenses away (if they are used), and recycle the packaging/container.

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