Thursday, 2 June 2011

We rate ourselves

We at green24 have gone one step further in our mission to offer you advice backed by science, by creating individual eco-ratings for the actions and activities you undertake in your homes and businesses.

Our ratings guide those who wish to make an eco-conscious difference, by offering a score out of five for a particular activity, based on contemporary scientific facts, case studies and reviews (see image below). Even though these gradings are subjective, their values are based on up-to-date measures of the benefits to the environment that each action will achieve.

The most significant advantage of these ratings is that people can begin to understand the scale of each action in the bigger picture of sustainability, by adding a value to their actions. From the smallest changes scoring one out of five, to a perfect five, each positive change you bring about in your everyday life will have a beneficial effect on the earth.

Very few websites offer this service, so be sure to look out for the ratings in our articles to see the difference each of your actions can make to the environment.

Gregg Brill, Senior Researcher & Writer at green24

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