Monday, 27 June 2011

Tweeting green

There has been such an explosion in social networking sites and related media. No one can ignore the phenomenon. 

The question is no longer, "is it really useful, or is it just background 'noise' to our online and offline lives?". It has been proven to raise awareness and understanding. It has been proven to encourage engagement and build momentum.

On one level, there have been several examples of campaigns being successfully waged using online petitions. I am thinking of how 38 degrees effectively mobilised support against the proposed UK forest sell-off earlier this year. But on another level, a more generalised level, the barrage of tweets and blogs builds belief: belief in a cause, a direction, and a set of values. Belief is what the green movement needs. Belief leads to commitment and to action.

Clearly, we are now seeing a more informed debate, with more groups and individuals involved, not just special interest parties. Wider engagement may not always bring a better solution but it builds support for and belief in a sustainable direction.

David Jackman

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