Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why getting your pets sterilised matters

We may not see it, but stray pet numbers are out of control. And we’re not talking hundreds or even thousands, but millions of feral cats and dogs roaming the streets or living in wild areas near urban centres. This may not seem like a massive issue, but dogs and cats that survive in these areas take a massive toll on the environment, from killing other animals for food, to polluting water sources and soil. So, how can we sort this problem out? Apart from keeping our pets close to us at all times, it has been shown that sterilising your pets can reduce the impacts they have on nature. There are three reasons why we should give our pets the snip:

1. Reducing pet populations
We need to ensure that there are no unwanted pregnancies that could result in cats and dogs being let loose to wander the streets or worse, get into native ecosystems where they cause havoc.

2. Concerns for our communities
Unwanted animals can pose considerable health and safety concerns for our communities, from spreading diseases and fouling parks, to scaring children.

3. Close to home
Sterilising pets has been shown to improve attitudes of animals and will reduce the urge to roam. If your pets stay close to home, they will limit their exposure to other animals, avoiding diseases, fights, getting impregnated and other unwanted activities.

Apart from looking after your own animals, it is also recommended that you contact your local animal shelter about strays in your area. They will collect these animals, sterilise them and put them up for adoption.

At the end of the day, even though you may not have put too much thought into your pets’ private parts, know that by sterilising them you not only promote their health, but the health of the environment too. By giving them the snip-snip, it becomes a win-win for all.

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