Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Keeping it local

The world is developing faster than natural systems can evolve, as human’s harvest, plough, bulldoze, chop down, pull out and build on. So, it is no wonder that indigenous vegetation types around the world are now under severe pressure, with some plant species facing eminent extinction.

Reducing pressure is one thing, but we need to promote indigenous plants in our everyday lives. To learn more, the green24 team headed out to an indigenous plant rehabilitation and re-vegetation centre. This project uses the local community to grow native plant species, which are later planted in the wild to develop indigenous systems. Through education drives and indigenous garden promotion, communities surrounding endangered vegetation types can play their part in ensuring the continued survival of endemic plant biomes.

You too can play a role in promoting environmental wellbeing, by planting indigenous species and letting your garden get a little bit wild. Native species are often better adapted to the local climate, thereby requiring less fussing over, and can prove to be significantly more water-wise. Indigenous species also benefit the birds, bees, butterflies and other species that utilise plants for food, shelter or other vital functions.

So, make sure that you buy native species and plant wisely, creating sanctuaries for local wildlife. If everyone in the city planted just a small patch of indigenous garden, we could create green oases within the concrete jungles we call home.

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